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12 delicious Gluten-Free Botanical Brownies packaged in a 8 x 5.5" hand stamped recycled box wrapped with decorative ribbon. Sealed in cellophane bag for freshness. Excelsior hardwood strands for packing, 100% natural and biodegradable with a moisture resistant, reusable, leakproof cold pack.


Ingredients: Sugar In The Raw, Unsalted Butter, Water, Cocoa Powder, Brown Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt, Gluten Free Flour, Belgian Gluten Free Dark Chocolate, Belgian Gluten Free Milk Chocolate, Gum Tragacanth, Organic Edible Flowers


Storage: Best consumed within 7-10 days. Store in airtight container or can be frozen up to 30 days. Best served at room temperature.


Edible Flowers and Allergens: The flowers that we use are edible, safe to eat and locally sourced when available. Please be advised if you suffer from severe hay fever or any other allergies. Flowers contain pollen. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, small children and the elderly should use the same amount of caution when trying edible flowers for the first time as you would when introducing any new food. Although we take every precaution when making our Gluten, Nut, and Dairy-free items, we make all our desserts in the same environment so there could be a possibility of cross contamination. If you suffer from severe allergies, sadly we would advise you not to purchase. There will be a lovely assortment of organic edible flowers and Herbs. Viola, Pansy, Lavender, Cosmos, Marigold, Cornflower, Dianthus, Lavender Mint, Calendula, Pea shoot, Lilac to name a few. Our flowers change according to the availability. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee flower varieties or colors.


Delivery Information: We ship our Postal Botanical Brownies and Cookies across the U.S. via UPS ground 3-5 day delivery. Orders placed before Saturday 3:00 CST. will ship on Tuesday. You will receive tracking information via email to manage your delivery. For local Chicago deliveries Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 9:00am-3:00pm. Please place your order in a timely fashion so we don’t fall short of satisfying your expectations. Local orders should be placed no later than 2 days before our local delivery days.


Cancellation policy: We accept cancellations 3 days before your order has shipped for full refund. 100% of the order will be charged for canceling the order after that time.



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