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Lavender Fields


   I've always felt a strong connection with baking, due in large part to my grandmother. I was fortunate to have a grandmother and mother who taught me the joy of baking. My grandmother would always make a one of a kind cake from scratch every year for my birthday. Memories similar to that one would last throughout my life, helping shape the person I am today and inspiring me to create my own company.


  Working with flowers has always felt like second nature to me, this led me to opening and working in my own floral business, gaining experience in event design as well as achieving my Bachelors Degree in interior design. Floral design has opened my eyes to unlimited possibilities. I've utilized my skills to become more of a diverse designer. Even though I'm a floral designer by trade, I love all forms of design. My style inspiration comes from nature, art, architecture and interior design. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, flower gazing, going to Cubs games and spending time walking Lake Michigan with my French bulldog, Violet.        

  ​ Over the years I've enjoyed experimenting with my family's traditional recipes. As I matured I wanted to create the life I envisioned for myself, so I decided to merge the two things I love: flowers and baking. I now consider myself a floral dessert designer. I've taken my family's nostalgic recipes and reinvented them. The Blooming Baker combines my passion for food, flowers and creativity. Together, my passions bring a unique, artistic twist to the desserts we all enjoy.         

                                                                          Let your Dreams Blossom!


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